About Us

Who We are

SimplyCreative Agency is a pioneering digital marketing agency where creativity meets efficacy. With a foundation built on psychological research and a team rich in diversity and expertise, we specialize in delivering tailor-made marketing solutions that resonate deeply with target audiences. Our services span the full spectrum of digital marketing, from SEO to paid advertising, all designed to maximize your online presence and ROI. At our core, we are strategic partners committed to transforming your digital landscape, ensuring that your brand stands out in a crowded market and sets the benchmark for innovation and success.

Kevin Martin is the visionary founder of SimplyCreative. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Business with a major in Information Systems, Kevin’s academic background laid the foundation for his exceptional career in the digital domain. Since venturing into the world of websites in 1999, he has remained at the forefront of internet technologies and their evolving landscapes.

Under Kevin’s leadership, SimplyCreative transcends conventional marketing methodologies, embracing innovation and originality to deliver unparalleled client results.

Main Team Members

aurélie marullo

I/O Psychologist


sheila Carrero

Administrative Assistant


sara mcintoch

Content Creator


arwa awan

Web Development


Clayton Causey



Bala Krishnan

Web Development


How Our Team Works

At SimplyCreative Agency, we pride ourselves on a collaborative and innovative approach that sets us apart in the Internet Marketing industry. Our strength lies within our in-house team of seasoned professionals and extends globally through our network of highly skilled partners. These individuals and organizations stand at the forefront of their respective fields, ranging from cutting-edge technology to creative content production.

Our unique model allows us to dynamically scale our capabilities to meet the specific demands of any project, no matter its size or complexity. We’ve cultivated relationships with global partners who share our commitment to excellence, innovation, and reliability. These partnerships are not formed overnight; each collaborator is carefully vetted through a rigorous selection process and has consistently proven their value and reliability over the years. This strategic approach to team composition ensures we can quickly mobilize the right resources for your project, resulting in faster turnaround times and unparalleled quality.

Choosing SimplyCreative Agency means opting for a partner who values efficiency, creativity, and quality. Our integrated approach, combining in-house expertise with global partnerships, allows us to deliver tailor-made solutions that drive success. With a focus on speed, reliability, and ethical practices, we’re here to scale your project to new heights, offering a seamless experience from concept to completion.