Our Process

Our Process

Our well-defined process is what allows us to produce quality work. We explain it below.

survey meeting

Survey meeting

The first thing we need to do is to discuss the situation with our clients: what are their goals, their competitors, issues they are facing, ideas they would like to develop, their marketing budget, what has worked for them (or not), etc. With all this data we are ready for the next step.

marketing research

Marketing research

Once we have a clearer picture of what our clients' situation and expectations are, we conduct a thorough marketing research on their industry, competitors, advertisement prices, etc. This research’s results are made available as part of the proposal.



With our marketing research concluded, we will design a tailor made proposal. Once the proposal is accepted (and legalities and 1st payment are out of the way), it's time for our 1st cycle to begin.

cycle 1

Cycle 1

During our first cycle month we create a detailed analysis & formulate a strategy to implement during the following 5 months. Keep on reading below as we explain what we do in a Cycle.

Month 1

Our first step is to conduct a marketing review to ensure we are not missing any information.

In the meantime, our I/O Psychologist will set up appointments with key personnel in the company to conduct surveys. Appointments typically last about 20 minutes and can be conducted online or in person.

With the survey information in hand, our I/O Psychologist will now analyze both, the surveys and customer feedback.

Another comprehensive marketing analysis is now conducted following the information provided by the psychological research.

At this point, we will integrate all the elements together to formulate a strategy for the next 5 months. This is shared it with our client for review and possible editing.

Months 2-6

SEO, social media, and paid advertising campaigns are created following the strategy formulated previously. All the work is tested, re-tested, and tweaked as needed.

At the beginning of each month, we will send a monthly report explaining what was done during the previous month and the results achieved.

Our Prices

Our Psychology-Based Digital Marketing services start at $3,500 per month (advertising fees are not included).

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